Front-End Developer

Hello! I’m Dondi, an amazing Front-end Developer and AMA Professional Certified Digital Marketer with 20 years of experience in web design and development. I am basically a front-end developer with digital marketing skills and have proven my abilities, strong attention to detail, exceptional work ethic and drive with some of the largest brands in the world. Throughout my career, I’ve worked for prominent ad agencies on Madison Avenue (both consumer and pharmaceutical advertising), financial firms on Wall Street, as well as The Pentagon.

I am a React.js developer and I’m fascinated with other JavaScript and ECMAscript libraries. I have the ability to design and develop WordPress websites without the use of themes (such as this website). I can create complex web apps and I can design UX/UI interfaces. Please continue scrolling to discover my certifications and achievements.

Outside of work, I balance my life by reading, oil painting, watching trivia game shows, and working out. Some of my hobbies include my passion for college basketball, DJing, cooking and attending classic car shows.

– Dondi Smith

Daniel Modell

Creative Director, Amazon

Mike Caldera

CEO, Square Finance

Fatuma Mohamed

Owner & Director, Guleyso Learning Child Care